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Crochet Books Review Collection- 500 Crochet Stitches by St. Martin’s Griffin

Crochet Books Review Collection- 500 Crochet Stitches by St. Martin’s Griffin

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In my quest for new crochet resources, I’ve recently delved into the vast world of crochet books, seeking those that focus on stitches and techniques rather than just patterns. Finding valuable reviews proved challenging, prompting me to share insights on books I deem essential. These reviews aim to assist fellow crocheters in making informed choices, ensuring their investment aligns with their creative needs.

Crochet, of course, in itself doesn’t require books but similar to hooks, yarn and patterns, books are something that makers/designers will love to have.

In this blog post I start with my very first review and it will be of a book ‘500 Crochet Stitches’ by St. Martin’s Griffin.

This book, serves as a versatile guide for both my personal crochet projects and crochet pattern design. Divided into five parts, it offers a comprehensive exploration of crochet essentials.

Parts of the book in breakdown:

1. Tools and Equipment:
A concise overview introducing crochet hooks, yarn, and their proper handling/holding.

2. Starting Off:
Teaches basic stitches, including starting and finishing techniques. This part also has a section called Making Fabric which teaches the reader about the process including the most important basics of a pattern. These are:
-working in rows
-joining new yarn or changing color
-where do you place the stitch in the new row/round.
-what is gauge
-what is increase vs decrease
-how to work from a pattern
-what are stitch diagrams and how to read them

3. Basic Stitches:
A substantial section covering commonly and some of the rarely used stitches.
Each crochet stitch is explained through a combination of written patterns and diagrams, facilitating easy learning.

4. Motifs:
Explores more intricate crochet motifs, offering insight into how basic crochet stitches can be combined creatively.

5. Edgings and Trims:
Provides valuable additions for finishing crochet projects with unique borders.

Some of the benefits I find that this book was helpful for:

Comprehensive Learning: The book’s breakdown ensures a gradual learning curve, making it accessible for beginners and a handy reference for seasoned crocheters.

Visual Learning: The combination of written patterns and diagrams enhances understanding, especially for those eager to delve into crochet diagrams.

Versatility: Suitable for personal projects and pattern design, making it a valuable asset for a wide range of crocheters, both designers and makers.

Timeless Reference: Even after extended use, the book remains one of my top go-to resources, demonstrating its lasting relevance and resonance with the reader.

‘500 Crochet Stitches’ by St. Martin’s Griffin stands as a reliable companion in the realm of crochet, offering a diverse array of stitches and techniques. From basic stitches to intricate motifs and finishing touches, this book caters to the creative needs of every crocheter. As a versatile and timeless resource, it continues to be a source of inspiration and knowledge, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone passionate about elevating their crochet skills. Unlock your crochet creativity with this invaluable guide.

Until next time yarnies!

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